How Does VoIP Reseller Business Works

The way this business works is called VoIP Reseller program which is very simple to understand and you can start earning money right away. Your customers are 2 types. One of the type of your customer would to invest, they are called Investor and the another customer would be the SIP User who is called "End User"- the reason to call them as SIP user because they'll use a username & password to call their destination. Well, now please go through the below descriptions to get an idea of this business system.

  • Create a Investor account (We will create & give U the user ID & Password after purchasing the amount you wish)
  • Log on into your account.U will have the option to create & manage your customers accounts like we will do for U.
  • Decide if Ur customers be Investor too (if yes, U will also earn money on the call generated by their customers)
  • Create rate sheet for Ur customers by applying the rates U want.This way U can decide margin/profit you want to make. You can create exceptions and special offers for some destinations.
  • Collect money from your customers and choose the calling amounts you grant them.
  • If the customer would be "End User" to use "PIN", you just have to create a PIN and Password and give them.
  • Fund your reselling account.
  • Give your customers their details rate sheet to call.
  • All these procedures would be done through internet and a link which is called "Reseller Panel" -You've to manage your own accounts as well as the accounts of your Investor Investor from that link. 

How will you earn money

You get your rate from us. Then create rate for Ur customers & choose your margin/profit.


  • Your rate for Argentina mobile is 0.16 EUR ( you get this rate from us)
  • You decide to get 20% margin/profit from your customer.
  • After merging Ur profit,Ur customer rate for Argentina mobile will be 0.16 + 20%=0.192EUR
  • For a 5 minutes call, you'll be charged by us 0.80 USD(0.16*5). Ur client will be charged by you 0.96 EUR. So the difference between our charge to U
  • your charge to your client would be 0.96-0.80=0.16$ which is your profit for 5 minutes call to Argentina.
  • Your total profit will be increased depends on your total customers call volume.
  • Advantages

  • You are free to choose your own rates for your clients, so U can set the margins for each destination.
  • U can make different rate sheet for different clients.
  • U can select a fixed margin for all destinations (for example 10%) or can make custom lists.
  • U can choose amount/minute that you wish to earn.
  • Your customers can also be reseller & create their own customers accounts( it is called customer. You will earn your profit margin on these calls as well)
  • Become a VoIP Reseller

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